Ischia, together with Vivara and Procida forming a small arcipelago, is taking part of the marine nature-reserve named "REGNO DI NETTUNO", a real divers paradise in the Gulf of Naples.

Caves and caverns over and underwater, with incomparable variety and richness and crystal clear waters , offer photographic and filming spots really peculiar and of extreme beauty.

The Island is geologically connected to the Flegrean Coast by a large underwater platform, that extend itself for numerous square kilometers largely still inexplored, of which depths, easily reached by divers, vary from -4 m to -50 m. The fragmented nature of the rocky seabed, that is typical of the western flows, gives a favourable presence of a extraordinary fauna and luxuriant underwater flora.

The vulcanic agglomerates that you can find on the downsloping seabed westover are interrupted by large areas of thickgrowing forests of Posidonia oceanica and downy meadows of Cymodocea nodosa, that give natural shelter to the most various and often rare species of bentonic and permanent sea-life. The cliffs that characterize the east-side jut down to unfathomable dephts, favouring the presence of oceanfish and colonies of small organisms, fed by currents of different origin, that lap the Island.

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